About Me

I fell in love with programming when I was a kid. I used to spend almost all my days off creating websites. Back then, I was using Windows 99. I would write HTML source code in Notepad and then upload it. I also created banners and GIF animations using Paint.

My enthusiasm for programming has kept me working as a web developer to this day.

Since 2021, I have been working on WordPress, Salesforce, and other low-code development projects. I also provide advice on how to create and develop websites using WordPress.


I mainly create websites using WordPress,
I fix bugs of your site too.

I also teach courses for those who want to start blogging with WordPress, and I migrate blogs from other companies to WordPress.

Main languages: HTML, CSS, PHP

I have experience using Google Analytics and various plug-ins.


I mainly translate from Chinese (simplified) to Japanese and check translation.


Japanese translation of news articles on EC and influencers in Chinese (2000 characters x 20 articles)

Translation of articles on Japanese tourist attractions into traditional Chinese (1000 characters x 10 articles)

-Japanese translation of a novel, “KAFUKI” (300p x 3 books)

-Translation check of Chinese articles